Every business wants to stay ahead of their competitors. This, however, can happen only if employees abide by the code of conduct. Without rules, people might be subjected to do whatever they want. It is important for the human resources department or equivalent to put the company’s code of conduct on the table so managers and employees can follow.

Following are the tips on maintaining discipline at serviced offices in Gurgaon. Let’s discuss in detail.

Avoid Distractions

Instead of being distracted, indiscipline is more to do with people not focusing on the job in hand. Try removing things from the office that might divert your employees. Encourage not to overuse social media sites in the workplace if possible, because these can act as major distractions for your employees.

Respect the Rules

Set rules for your own employees considering the restriction at the serviced office provider. Educate your employees about the rules that were discussed with you at the time of leasing, they need to know what those rules are. This will help you maintain decorum at the office. Make sure you don’t trouble your service provider every now and then.


As the person-in-charge, it’s your responsibility to act as a leader for your workers. Many people are afraid to take this responsibility, allowing the workforce to organise themselves. But most employees prefer someone who leads the business. Keep this in mind that leadership isn’t about shouting at people and ordering them. Instead, it’s more about encouragement, motivation, and helping them to reach their potential.

Tempted to implement these tips at your serviced office in Gurgaon? if so, don’t think twice, following these things will certainly maintain good behaviour at your workforce while boosting productivity.

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