In this world, change is the only constant and if you are in the business market, in that case, you must embrace it to sustain in the competition.  The concept of hiring an office space, operationalizing the business has changed a lot over the past decade. The conventional set-up of doing it from the scratch has evolved with the on-set of the business centers.  This concept played a dominant role in the west but it has also gained considerable impact in the east. A business develops on the ground of reciprocity, commitment and consistency, liking, authority, social proof and scarcity, in all these parameters, the business centers have shown a tremendous response.

Why Have the Business Centers Emerged as a Revolutionizing Concept?

Space management is of utmost importance and now-a-days businesses are looking for customization. As an entrepreneur, you are always inclined towards minimizing the Total Fixed Cost(TFC). For a business, profit is the fuel and if it rolls, only then the business survives. The business centers have played an important role to balance the working capital cycle by keeping the TFC’s low. Let’s make it simpler, suppose, if you are a business and you have Rs.200 to invest. The TFC to manage the administration, salaries, utilities and renting comes to 180 rupees at your own rented office, but in case of business centers, the cost comes down to say 150 rupees. So, you are saving an additional 50 rupees. Now, you may wonder how is that possible. It is simple, the business centers operate on large scale. They have uncountable clients and business, so they purchase fixed costing investments like pantry service, house-keeping, IT services, administration at lower cost and offer to the business at nominal rates, thereby, they are making the profit and at the same time, the business centers are also letting the enterprises to grow.

How Do They Do It?

Now, the question is how do they let the business grow? Well, most of the businesses are highly reliant on the location. Location builds a perception and through that perception, one can definitely witness the growth in the business. Supposedly, if you have a business which is based somewhere in Kalkaji (Delhi) or Govindpuri (Delhi) Location in the basement, would you trust that business. Not really. But what if you have a business location at the Statesman House in Delhi, Park Centra in Gurgaon, Southern Park in Delhi, World Mark II in Delhi. Well, these are the areas which have seen multitudes of business growing and thriving. Big brands prevail over these places and they have a repute. As a small business or a freelancer, you cannot cope with the high cost of the real-estate in these locations; however, the possibility changes with a business center. The business centers have specific office space at premiere locations. So, you have been successful at building a positive image for your business, at the same time, you have also got the opportunity to operate from a premiere location in the city at lower cost. This is their mantra for business growth!!

How businesses benefit from business centers?

The TFC of the business is always low and businesses can concentrate on their sole purpose. When you choose a business center, you don’t have to think about the administration, IT, house-keeping, pantry, maintenance and other stuffs. This allows the offices which are housed in their center to enjoy privilege of hassle-free operation at nominal rates. These benefits have made them the game changer for a better future of the business.


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