You have been working in the same office for the last five years and you are cringing for growth and expansion. You have a good plan to implement but there have been some apprehensions with respect to the budget. You are in search of an idea, a concept which can help you dominate business hot-hubs with a feasible budget. Well, if you are still wondering, it is the right time that you need to think beyond your problems and look for possibilities. The business centers in Gurgaon have provided the advantage to the emerging businesses as well as the big budgeted MNC’s to grow under the same roof. The pleasure to work with big brands can be extremely profitable for a small business and under the concept of shared office space, the business centers in India are making this possibility a reality.

How the Business Centers Are Creating opportunity?

The business centers have office space in different formats: serviced office space, shared office space, virtual office space. If any small enterprise gets the opportunity to operate with a MNC’s in the shared office format, they will be in a better position to learn the style of their business conduct and inculcate them in their operations for better business benefits.  Business centers have provided ample opportunities to the enterprises with limited budget to look forward to growth and expansion.

Why Business Centers is a Promising Proposition?

The evolutionary phase of the business centers in India has started and conceptualized as an unprecedented business solution with nearly a growth rate touching a whopping 60% (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) CAGR.  The places in Delhi-NCR region, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune have witnessed the highest surge with occupancy of 3.8 million square feet of space on an average. The reasons to support the increasing surge of the business centers are attributable to the following reasons:


Finance is the most essential aspect of the business and taking a feasible decision with respect to the finances will have a long lasting impact on the business. The presence of business centres have helped the emerging business to occupy office space at such locations which they couldn’t afford had they were forced to lease the entire space or even rent it. At the same time, the business centers have also ended up with customized offerings which means you can book the office space even for hours which look much more fascinating from a budget point of view.


Business centers in India are present in such places which are easily connected by rail, road and air, thereby, most of the hassles of travelling is dealt in a flamboyant manner. The ease of connectivity is advantageous for employees, employers and also caters to attrition rate.

Iconic Location

Most of the businesses are wishful of operating from an iconic location. Anybody would like to own an office space at Connaught Place but the cost aspects put the businesses on the back foot. The business centers in India have narrowed the gap of owing an office space at premiere location. So, even freelancers can flaunt an iconic location on the business cards at a shoe-string budget. This is the clout of business centers and they have been vastly changing the landscape of the Indian business these days.


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